The required version of Minecraft to run a build. Builds are compiled using SRG names, which may enable them to run on later minor builds of Minecraft. Please keep in mind this does not guarantee stability unless the Minecraft version matches exactly.


The minimum Forge version necessary to run a build.

Minecraft 1.8 Development

As many of you know, Minecraft 1.8 mod development is now possible. I've looked through the code changes several times and have determined that if this mod is to continue, it would likely require a complete rewrite of major portions of code. This is assuming every feature is able to be ported, which I cannot guarantee.

Due to these circumstances, I currently have no plans on porting the mod to Minecraft 1.8. If you have suggestions on how to move forward, or would like to help, feel free to drop by the mod thread and post your idea(s).

Latest Builds

Minecraft 1.7.10
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.8 DEV R9 DEV MC 1.7.10 FORGE RELEASED 04/30/2016
Carpenter's Blocks 3.3.7 STABLE MC 1.7.10 FORGE RELEASED 09/03/2015
Minecraft 1.7.2
Carpenter's Blocks STABLE FINAL MC 1.7.2 FORGE RELEASED 11/26/2014
Minecraft 1.6.4
Carpenter's Blocks STABLE FINAL MC 1.6.4 FORGE RELEASED 11/26/2014
Minecraft 1.5.2
Carpenter's Blocks 1.9.9 STABLE FINAL MC 1.5.2 FORGE RELEASED 01/01/2014

Legacy Builds

Legacy versions and old source code packages can be found using the buttons below.

Minecraft PE (for Android)

Minecraft Pocket Edition Official Port by artus9033

This is a pocket-sized port of the mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It currently requires support for Mod PE scripts, using a program such as BlockLauncher for Android.

You can watch a preview of the first release here.

ModPE Version
Add-On Version
In Development

Additional Files

Chisel Design Packs

Chisel Design Pack by Wreckage

This pack includes over 30 chisel designs. To use these custom designs, drag the image files you want into the mod zip or jar file under: assets/carpentersblocks/textures/blocks/designs/chisel/

Tile Design Packs

Kaevator Wallpaper Tile Design Pack

Since Kaevator's Wallpaper mod was the inspiration behind tiles, I've compiled the original artwork in a format ready to load as custom tile designs. Simply place the image files into the mod zip or jar file under: assets/carpentersblocks/textures/blocks/designs/tile/



This add-on is brought to you by zot201, and adds Thaumcraft aspects to Carpenter's Blocks.

Texture packs

Below are the known published texture pack add-ons for this mod. They are maintained by the community and may be outdated.


Hammer and Chisel Tool API

If you would like to create your own hammer or chisel that work with this mod, you can use the interfaces provided by the API.

An IWrappableBlock interface is also provided to allow greater control over your blocks when used as covers.